You’ll hear it a thousand times, but yes, we need to talk about a Secretary of Culture — again

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There’s no art in this White House. There’s no literature, no poetry, no music… We are rudderless and joyless. We have lost the cultural aspects of society that make America great.” — Bruce Springsteen

Over the next few weeks, some version of this article will be written by a hundred different opinion writers and arts advocates. But it can’t be said enough, so here is another for the heck of it.

Days before President Obama stood for inauguration the first time in January 2009, legendary producer, Quincy Jones, made a very vocal and public plea for the incoming president to join more than fifty other major nations by creating a Secretary of Culture, a position that would place the importance of the arts to America’s life and future at the cabinet level. …


Eric Easter

Producer. Writer. Creator. Media Exec. @ericeaster

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